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UTL Caller Tunes Help

UTL Caller Tunes allows you to set your favorite music or songs so everyone that calls your hears it instead of the old boring beep sound. You can change them as often as you like. You can even set particular songs and sounds for specific friends and loved ones.

To use UTL Caller Tunes on your phone, you can either:

Option 1: Use the website online here at tunes.utl.co.ug.

Option 2: Dial *150# on your UTL mobile phone for free and follow the prompts

Option 3: Call 150 from your UTL mobile phone and follow the simple instructions. You can listen to the tunes before downloading.

Option 4: SMS the keyword TUNE and the tune code to 150 e.g. send TUNE 1234 to 150.

Additional info:

SMS to 150 and dialing *150# are FREE

Calls to 150 will be charged at only 100/- per minute.

To deactivate the UTL Caller Tunes service, SMS Tune Off to 150.

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